Welcome to About Great Books, a website devoted to exploring the vast oceans of literature available to the modern reader. With so many books available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when navigating to your next book. At About Great Books, we highlight some of the best books that share common elements. Whether they all share a common plot point, focus on a specific theme, or are similar to other well-known books, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of finding the next book worth reading.

Why read? There are many answers to that question, some of them as old as history itself:

  • Your mind needs exercise just like the rest of your body, and reading provides great mental exercise. Studies have repeatedly shown that reading and other mental activities can help prevent age-related mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Reading broadens our horizons and helps to build tolerance and understanding. While reading, we’re exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking in a non-threatening manner. Examining these ideas at our own leisure helps to build comfort and familiarity with different cultures and ideas.
  • The wisdom of the ancients (and the modern world) is available in books. From Newton’s Principia to the epics of Homer, humanity has been collecting its knowledge in books for thousands of years. Modern authors have contributed to this font of knowledge, offering readers the chance to learn about underwater basket weaving, quantum mechanics, computer coding, cooking, stage magic and more.
  • Stress is a fact of life, and reading can help you reduce stress. In fact, research suggests that losing yourself in a good book is one of the best methods for stress relief. Taking a trip to a literary wonderland forces your mind to forget about the stresses in your life and concentrate on building the image of the book inside of your mind. Just six minutes of reading can reduce your stress levels by more than two-thirds.

Of course, the best reason of all to read is also the simplest: It’s fun. Clear your schedule, find your favorite reading spot, and let us help you find your next favorite book. To get started, visit our homepage at https://www.aboutgreatbooks.com/.