Whether it’s a rainy day you’re looking to fill or an after school activity you’re after, cookbooks for kids are a lifesaver! The promise of an edible experiment can squash even the loudest choruses of “I’m bored,” and engage kids in learning basic life skills, science and nutrition — while having fun! Some of the best kids’ cookbooks of 2016 have fun facts, great photography and, most importantly, kid-friendly recipes.

#1 – The Star Wars CookBook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

Robin Davis


This book was originally published in 1998 but is more popular than ever today. Available in both print and Kindle editions, this cookbook is interstellar treat for kids of all ages. The book is divided into five sections: Breakfasts, Beverages, Snacks and Sides, Main Courses and Desserts and is accompanied by illustrations and clear explanations.

#2 – The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That Are Simple to Make

Erin Gleeson


This beautiful cookbook will appeal to parents and teachers as well as kids. From party ideas to kitchen safety tips, this book provides an accessible spin on healthy food and kid-approved favorites like tacos, pizza and smoothies. This cookbooks features a kid-friendly balance of hand drawn art and photography featuring children demonstrating the cooking. It will draw kids in and have them asking to cook again and again!

#3 – Let’s Cook French, A Family Cookbook: Cuisinons Francais, Un livre pour toute la famille

Claudine Pepin (Author), Jacques Pepin (Illustrator)


This kids’ cookbook classic previously published under the title Kids Cook French, Let’s Cook French, is written by Claudine Pepin, daughter of esteemed French chef, Jacques Pepin. Together they have released an updated version sure to entertain and teach French cooking to kids and families. Designed to be fun and engaging, this book will open doors to new cuisine. Beautiful illustrations and storytelling make this a must-have cookbook for kids of all ages.

#4 – Taste of Home Kid-Approved Cookbook: 328 Family Tested Fun Foods

Taste of Home


A classic cookbook for kids! With hundreds of taste-tested, kid-friendly recipes, this awesome book by the authors of the award-winning cooking magazine Taste of Home is sure to be your family’s go-to kids’ cookbook. Classic recipes and new twists on old favorites are included along with beautiful photographs to go along with almost every recipe. Sections are color coded too for easy reference. This will be one kid’s cookbook that you return to again and again.

#5 – Cookie Decorating: Easy-to-follow recipes and decorating tips for sweet cookie creations

Autumn Carpenter


This sweet little number is both a how-to guide and an art kit. Instead of crayons and paint, this cookbook teaches kids basic recipes and techniques for creating cookie art just like the professionals. This a perfect cookbook for kids and adults who aspire to take their cookies to the next level. Lots of photos and step-by-step project guides will have kids learning the essentials while baking, designing and eating mouth-watering creations. This is a must-have cookbook for kids who love to bake!

#6 – Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes and Culinary Skills for the New Cook in the Kitchen

Melina Hammer


This is an essential book for the aspiring or future foodie kid in your life! This is a book written for kids who love learning to take their knowledge of food and cooking to the next level. In this book, kids will learn about cooking terms and techniques, kitchen tools and equipment and have the opportunity to explore recipes ranging from simple classics to more complex food adventures. If your kid has shown an interest in cooking, this is the perfect cookbook!

#7 – National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure

Barton Seaver


This is an awesome, well designed and interesting kids’ cookbook with recipes and food facts from around the world. This book is broken into sections based on monthly themes and contains recipes, facts and projects to go along with each. This is a fun way to get started exploring world cuisine. Kids who have moved beyond basic grilled cheese will love this cookbook and the doors it opens for them!

#8 – The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids Paperback

Matthew Locricchio


This a fantastic international cookbook geared toward older kids and teens. The recipes are fun, the photography impressive, and the ingredients for each recipe are in a separate breakout box for easy reference. This is a fascinating cookbook for kids who have an interest in world cooking and is an excellent guide for class projects or international potlucks. Kids, teens and their adults will all delight in exploring this cookbook!

#9 – Ballpark Eats: Recipes Inspired by America’s Baseball Stadiums (Sports Illustrated Kids)

Katrina Jorgensen


Created in partnership with Sport Illustrated Kids, this cookbook will take you straight to the ballpark for specials from America’s favorite pastime. Young culinary sports fans will learn to make favorites and specialities from stadiums across america, while also learning about team and stadium history with text in official team colors, This cookbook is sure to have kids running to the kitchen between innings to whip up a fan-favorite snack!

#10 – Let’s Cook Spanish, A Family Cookbook: Vamos a Cocinar Espanol, Recetas Para Toda la Familia

Gabriela Llamas


If your kids are tired of pizza and spaghetti, this is the perfect kids’ cookbook to help kick off a new culinary family adventure. This bilingual cookbook is a great addition to both kitchen and classroom and features simple Spanish recipes from appetizers to desserts. Cultural facts and traditions are peppered throughout the book creating a perfect platform for a creative family, classroom or community experience. Immerse yourself in language and culture with this awesome and unique kids’ cookbook!

This concludes our ranking of top 10 great cookbooks for kids.